The Snack Monkey is unique software developed to help venues that have concessions and entry gates conveniently interact and take payments from their customers. These include, but are not limited to, little league, high school and college ball parks, soccer fields, football fields, stadiums, arenas etc.

The Snack Monkey allows venues to post their menus and prices on a free app available for download by their customers. Once downloaded, the customer easily sets up an account and credit card payment information in the app. The customer can then access the menu items for that specific venue and event and place an order and pay for it, right from their mobile phone. Once prepared, the venue alerts the customer, via text, that their order is ready to be picked up at the concession stand.

Mobile app orders show up on an order management tablet for concession workers to receive, fill and alert the customer with the click of a button! Once the customer shows up at the window, they simply show the concession worker the text that matches the order and pick-up their items. Payment transaction has already taken place! The concession worker then clears the order from the screen with another click of a button.

No more customers standing in lines at windows waiting to order, fumbling with cash and credit cards and then standing around waiting for their order while missing the action on the field. Concession workers also benefit from reduced lines, impatient customer interactions and money handling, allowing them to focus on filling orders. It's a true win win!

If your venue has a gate, The Snack Monkey has a solution for that as well. A customer can go to the app, select your venue and event and pay for their ticket right on their phone! Once they show up to the gate, they simply show the gate worker their confirmation code and receive entry.


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