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Our Products

SureShop Logo

SureShop is software specifically designed for the oil and gas industry to handle service, inventory, job tracking, BHA information and history of downhole tools. SureShop creates a highly efficient, paperless, shop process. Service technicians input data into mobile tablets, real-time. Additionally, SureShop stores all of the manufacturer's service guidelines and lets shop personnel know when something is out of spec. This greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Management can track all of the parts and tool service digitally as the process happens.  See more here!

The Snack Monkey Logo

The Snack Monkey is unique software developed to help venues that have concessions and entry gates conveniently interact and take payments from their customers. The Snack Monkey allows venues to post their menus and prices on a free app available for download by their customers. The customer can then place an order and pay for it, right from their mobile phone. Once prepared, the venue alerts the customer, via text, that their order is ready to be picked up at the concession stand.  See more here!

Conform App Logo

Conform - Business Document Management Software

Every company has processes, procedures, technical info, sales brochures, etc., stored... somewhere. 405 Technology’s Conform App offers you a way to put all this information in the hands of your employees and/or customers; on their mobile devices. We customize this app to look uniquely like you. With our versatile platform, we can rapidly adapt this app to your needs at a fraction of the cost of other custom mobile apps. Once complete, your new app will be downloadable for iPhone on the App Store and Android on the Google PlayStore.

405 Technology Logo

More Custom Solutions!...

405 Technology has customers in a wide range of industries! The products listed here are some of many.  We know that every business is as unique as its people, products, and processes.  Custom, purpose-driven software is what 405 Technology does best.  Whether a desktop, web, or mobile solution suits your needs, we will deliver the right software on time and on budget.

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