SureShop is software specifically designed for the oil and gas industry to handle service, inventory, job tracking, BHA information and history of downhole tools. Unlike most service and manufacturing, downhole tools present unique challenges that can only be solved by tracking individual parts, not just tools. Every time a tool goes downhole it is brought back to a shop, disassembled, inspected and rebuilt. With one small caveat, the parts that made up the tool on the last run, might not be all the same parts in that tool on the next run. Instead, some or all of those parts may be sent out for repair or get put into other tool builds.

SureShop creates a highly efficient, paperless, shop process. Service technicians input data into mobile tablets, real-time. Additionally, SureShop stores all of the manufacture's service guidelines and lets shop personnel know when something is out of spec. This greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Management can track all of the parts and tool service digitally as the process happens. This gives shop mangers and customers unprecedented access to data and information about each tool.


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